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Donation Of First Aid Items | Double Root Canal

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Donation Of First Aid Items, Kent, England

Thanks to Victoria and W.E.Roberts for the First Aid Donations
Thanks to Victoria and W.E.Roberts for the First Aid Donations

Everything we do is dependant on the kindness of those who donate time, money or items for the children we help. We were contacted earlier by Victoria who wanted to donate spare first aid items for the children.

Sadly by the time Robert got back in touch the majority of the items had already been sent out to another charity, but Vistoria managed to find another box full of items and sent them straight out to us.

We would like to thank Victoria Lorence and everyone at W.E.Roberts in Northfleet, Kent for their generostiy.

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Double Root Canal , Mapusa, Goa

A Trip To The Dentist
A Trip To The Dentist

Joyti informed us that her teeth were hurting so a couple of days later we managed to arrange a visit to the dentist. As always the dentist was great and examined her and it was apparent that Joyti required a double root canal, one on each side of her mouth. One side was more sensitive than the other so work started there.

Root canal is an extensive procedure and her first sitting took over an hour and was helped along with a couple of local anesthetic injections which alarmed Joyti to begin with, but things did get better, there was quite a bit of swelling on one tooth so Joyti was prescribed some pain killers and antibiotics.

We continued to visit the dentist once or twice a week for a few weeks as the roots were cleaned and treated and packed to make sure everything was good. Last week was finally a chance to get one of the teeth topped off with a permanent filling. The second tooth which was more problematic has one more sitting to go but we hope it can be done in the coming week.

We would like to thank Dr Sandra’s Clinic and staff for their time and effort and hope it will be a while before we need to visit again.

*Names have been changed for Child Protection Reasons