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Exams with out being taught | Beautiful Dresses donated to the girls of Goa | September Coviv-19 Map (Updated Daily)

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Exams with out being taught, Mapusa, Goa

Exam notes and no help given
Exam notes and no help given

Some of our 10th Standard students have been told they have exams in a week! This seems a little unfair as some of them have not had any lessons. Some do not have mobile phones and have now been given around 150 pages of printed notes to learn by themselves. It seems very unfair and how can they be expected to have an exam without being taught!

We hope this will be taken into account.

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Beautiful Dresses donated to the girls of Goa , Mapusa, Goa

We were delighted to receive 50 beautiful hand made dresses by Joscia. An order for the dresses was made by our supporter Tarundeep Kaur. Thank you to both of them and here is just a few of the girls who have received a new outfit.

A Row Of Dresses on Hangers
Beauty In The Street
Confident Smile
Friends Together
Friendship In The_Road
Peek A Boo
Posing For Camera
Summer Dress
Two Girls In Summer Dresses
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September Coviv-19 Map (Updated Daily), Mapusa, Goa

Map updated daily around 9pm IST
Map updated daily around 9pm IST

Here is the Goa Covid-19 Map for September (updated Daily) to show the daily 'hot spots' of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Goa.

The details shown are from the current active cases which are provided by the local govt as a press release each day.

The map is created in my spare time and I always hope it is 100% accurate (I check it twice every day), but I am human and might make a mistake - please double check if needed with the govt press realeases.

Goa Covid Active Cases September