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Save Mollem | Drawings for online classes | October 2020 Coviv-19 Map (Updated Daily) | Amboli Waterfalls Trip | Cake for the kids

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Save Mollem, Mapusa, Goa

Save Mollem
Save Mollem

A month or two ago we were asked if a couple of our children would help by doing the voice-over for the video below. Here is the final video with the voice-over. Most of it is in Konkani but the video is quite self-explanatory...

Message from Save Mollem

Please spare just 8 minutes of your day to watch the only film you need to watch this year Requesting you to also take a moment to sign this petition asking the government to acknowledge our written oppositions: Let India Breath

The forests in Mollem are the lungs and heart of Goa. The government is planning to destroy an ecosystem that is older than the Himalayas (150 million years old)!

Saving Mollem means saving our lives, our children?s lives, and playing a part in helping this world heal from the climate crises we are going through

Sharable links

English: English Version

Konkani: Konkani Version

Many thanks to Future Films Production for this beautiful film.

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Drawings for online classes, Mapusa, Goa

Create Artwork at the centre for online classes
Create Artwork at the centre for online classes

The children have art projects to complete during their online classes. Here is a picture of one of the girls drawing two possible sides to our future.

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October 2020 Coviv-19 Map (Updated Daily), Mapusa, Goa

Map updated daily around 9pm IST
Map updated daily around 9pm IST

To keep track of new cases and active cases in Goa we create a daily update mapping out the locations to show the daily 'hot spots' of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Goa.

The map is based on the daily press releases provided by the Goa Government.

The map is created in my spare time and I always hope it is 100% accurate (I check it twice every day), but I am human and might make a mistake - please double check if needed with the govt press realeases.

Goa Covid Active Cases September

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Amboli Waterfalls Trip, Mapusa, Goa

At the weekend, we took a handful of the students on a small trip to Amboli Waterfalls just over the border in Marahasta. The day was organised by Acchelal (one of our college students) and Amina's (staffs) lovely mother made Chicken Biriyani as our packed lunch.

The idea was to meet at the centre at 7am, although thankfully it was closer to 8am once everyone had arrived. We packed bags, with water, food, towels and a few extra items and set off on the trip. It was a motorbike trip, we had five bikes with the older boys riding the bikes along with Rob. We were a little concerned with the weather as the day before it was raining for most of the day and the forecast wasn't that promising, but the kids really wanted a trip after spending so long stuck at home due to the pandemic.

It was grey when we left and thankfully just a little light rain during the journey there. Everyone was getting excited once we started climbing the ghats and there was a cry out when the first waterfall could be seen from the road, and then small groups of monkeys kept everyone entertained as we drove by.

It took around 2 hours to arrive and everyone was eager to dip their toe in the water... They left their bags on the bikes and 10 mins later Amina saw monkeys trying to take off with our food bag! Thankfully we caught most of it in time, although they had helped themselves to one of the parcels.

After a few photos and a little bit of relaxing the police/forestry staff came and decided to block off the steps to the waterfall and started 'moaning' saying we couldn't stand on the wall for photos (I have to say the wall was only 3 ft tall, and nearly as wide so wasn't dangerous, but I guess that's their job! ??

So we decided to head back and stop at the other smaller waterfalls on the way back. The next closest the kids managed to get some 'waterfall photos' and then at the next stop we spent quite a while 'bathing' in the VERY cold waters, I thought it was just cold enough on my feet so I stayed dry, but the kids loved it and got completely soaked.

It was a lovely day and by 3.30pm we started heading home.

When we finally got close to home everyone was shattered so we got back to the centre, ate some more biriyani looked at the photos and then the day was done. Thank you to all the lads who drove, Amina's mother for the lovely food. Here are some photos from the day

Amboli Waterfalls
Boys At Amboli
Feeling Cold
Girls In Front Of Waterfalls
Girls In The Stream
Just Chilling
More Waterfalls
Smaller Falls At The Road Side
Views From Amboli
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Cake for the kids, Mapusa, Goa

A Beautiful Looking Cake
A Beautiful Looking Cake

We would like to thank Savita for making a lovely cake for us today! I know its on a Monginis board, but Savita did actually make it even though it does look like a bought one!

I have to say the kids (and I) really enjoyed it so thank you so much!