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Exam Results - Congratulations to 10th Std (SSC) | COVID-19 Goa Map (Updated Daily) | Receiving Rations from Goa Outreach

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Exam Results - Congratulations to 10th Std (SSC), Mapusa, Goa

Congratualtions to all our 10th Standard students who passed today!
Congratualtions to all our 10th Standard students who passed today!

The day all of our 10th standard students was waiting for is finally here. Results Day! In a usual year 10th Standard results normally happen in May, but due to the Covid-19 situation this date was significantly delayed, although the anticipation from the children was still as strong as we entered each seat number to find out their results.

28th July was the day and we would like to say huge Congratulations to all our 10th (SSC) Students who passed.

This year it is the girls who ruled with the top three slots.


Afsana scored 82.2% (Distinction)
Siya with 73.8% (First Class)
Jyoti with 72% (First Class).

Congratulations to everyone for working so hard this year especially with the added complication and worry about the Covid-19 Pandemic.

UPDATE : 29th July we were happy to know that all four of the top spots were given places in their first choice of Colleges. St Xaviers in Mapusa being the most popular with 3 of our girls being accepted

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COVID-19 Goa Map (Updated Daily), Mapusa, Goa

I hope to update this map everyday
I hope to update this map everyday

We were very lucky in Goa at the start of the Pandemic and it looked like we might be able to control the situation here, but once the borders opened the number of cases shot up and are still rising. This has had a devastating effect in our locality with several containment areas being set up with many of our families/children inside them.

The centre has been closed for 10 days now and its sad one of the girls who came nearly every day is now trapped inside one of these zones. Hopefully she will listen to the authorities, stay home and stay safe. Unfortnuately her home is very small and definately not a comfortable place to spend 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

To give people an overview we have created a Map to show the 'hot spots' of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Goa. These are the current active cases which are provided by the local govt as a press release each day. I hope you find the map useful and please do share it with all those who call goa their home. (spiritual or physical). :)

Goa Covid Active Cases

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Receiving Rations from Goa Outreach, Mapusa, Goa

families receiving the donated masks
families receiving the donated masks

Here are a few more photos of the families receiving the donated masks.

They came just in time as cases in the locality and in Goa are shooting up. We have sadly had to close the centre as one of the children's mothers has been diagnosed positive, a few days ago.

Today in the same area (close to where many of the children stay) there have been 14 more cases. It is a scary and sad time but we hope for the best but plan for the worst.