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Photos : Countdown To Fun | Countdown Numbers And Computer Games | Thank You For The Help

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Photos : Countdown To Fun, Mapusa, Goa

Here are a few photos from 'Countdown Sunday' which had the older lads battling against each other to solve Countdown number questions so that they could have their turn on the Car game. It was a fun day!

Concentrating On The Game
Enjoying The Puzzles
Reward For Solving The Numbers
Studying For Exams
Success Comes From Hard Work
Two Older Kids Studying
Working Out
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Countdown Numbers And Computer Games, Mapusa, Goa

Older Kids Trying Their Hand at Countdown Numbers
Older Kids Trying Their Hand at Countdown Numbers

Just two months into the new school year and some of the older children were already having their first exams. Now, to their delight the first course of exams is over which gave them a good excuse to have a day off and 'chill'. Eleven of the older lads popped in to see Rob and asked if they could watch a film or two on the TV. They had come prepared with tiffins, containers of food, and they organised the chairs and beanbags and settled down to watch a Hindi film. One of the lads knew that Robert had a new toy (Steering Wheel) for the computer and asked if he could have a go...

Robert was a little busy so it took a while to get round to setting up the gaming wheel, but once done he offered for them to have a play on one of the games. As soon as he did, all the lads piled in and wanted their turn. There was just one computer and one wheel so Robert hatched a plan that each one would get one free go, but after that they would have to solve countdown number puzzles to gain a 'credit' for the game. Great plan, he thought, as they would be spending more time quietly solving puzzles than asking him, 'is it my go yet'. Anyway, the first half an hour was spent going over the rules of countdown numbers, with a few times going over the fact that you can only use each number ONCE. But after a while they started to get it and were quite interested in the maths questions. It was really fun watching them trying to solve first so they could get their go on the computer. All the questions were simply made up so Robert had to 'solve' them first just to make sure they were solvable. I don't think any of them will win any speed contests but it was nice to see them making progress and becoming better at problem solving. The crown (if there was one) would be given to Gopi though as he really excelled and seemed to enjoy the problem solving as much as the game as he gave his turns to his friends and asked for another puzzle instead. It was a great day and the kids enjoyed the puzzles nearly as much as the game itself.

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Thank You For The Help, Goa

Thank You for the donations
Thank You for the donations

We would like to make a quick thank you to everyone who has donated recently.

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