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Sponsor a Child's Education  

Why Sponsor?

Poverty can have a devastating impact on a child's education. Children who live in poverty are more likely to miss school, have to work to support their families, and experience other challenges that make it difficult to learn.

How We help?

We work with disadvantaged children on a daily basis to help them overcome their challenges and stay in school. We provide them with the educational resources they need, including bags, books, uniforms, school fees, afterschool support, access to computers and printers, and support throughout the academic year.

Why We Need Your Support?

We are proud to have supported so many children over the years, but our success is putting a strain on our funding. As the children continue to higher levels of education, the costs of providing them with the support they need are increasing. We currently help 28 students who are in higher education, and another 14 who are completing their 10th standard (GCSE equivalent) in the next 6 months. We need your support to continue providing these students with the resources they need to succeed.

Start Sponsoring Now

We have 100 students that need sponsoring this year.  You can start sponsoring a child's education for just 15 GBP (1500INR) a month. This recuring donation will provide a child with all their educational needs and will include School Bag, School Uniform, Notebooks, Text Books, School Shoes, Stationary and School/College Fees

You could help by donating :

  • £15 per month will sponsor a child's education
  • £50 can buy School Bags for 10 children
  • £100 for One High School Admission Fee
  • £150 for One Years College Admission Fee
Sponsor a childs education

Read our blog to see what a differnece a donation makes

Your donation can help give a child the education they deserve. Read our blogs to see how we're changing lives, and join us in making a difference.