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Nutrition & Food

temp place Nutrition & FoodGiving the children the nutrients they need to stay healthy

The work started by visting slum areas and giving out fruit to the children to help boost their immune levels and also to bring a smile to their faces. Fruit, including Oranges, Apples, Bananas, Water Melons and Pineaplles help by providing an extra boost of vitamins and health-boosting antioxidants.

As we grew our work learned more towards long term support and education, as such we now provide daily meals at the centre for the children when they finish school. These meal are normally served with Rice and/or Chapatis, and inlude veg, eggs, chicken and fish.

We also provide grain/rice and other dry goods during Diwali and Eid as a way of celebrating the Hindu and Muslim festivals.

What We Do

temp placeFruitHealth Boosting

We always love to take a trip out and give fruit (and sometimes chocolates ;) to the slum children who live around the centre. It is always a good way for visitors to meet the children the first time by buying and distributing fruit to the children.

temp placeDaily MealsAfterschool Meals at the centre

Every day after school the some of the children come to the Centre for extra classes, to collect monthyl supplies or to use the computers and when they do they are welcomed with a nutritious meal made fresh every day. We cook vge, eggs, chicken and fish depending on what is available in the local market.

temp placeDiwali & EidCelebrating with dry goods

Each year we celebrate Diwali and Eid (combined), by providing Bags full of dry goods and health items. These bags are stiched from receycled material and made into 'shopping bags' which then can be re-used by the families. Each year we give out 100 or more bags filled to the brim with Rice, Flour, Sugar, Tur Dal, spices, soap, toothpaste and more.

temp placeTrips Out & PartiesTreats for the children

We are occasionaly invited out for meals at local restuarants and celebrate special occasisons and birthdays att the centre. This often includes a larger variety of food including pizzas (the children's favourite) and cakes and pastries.

temp place temp place Covid & The PandemicWe Supported thousands during the pandemic

The pademic hit hard, especially in India where there was a strongly enforced lockdown with no notice. This resulted in millions of families struggling to feed themselves, including many of our families who work hand to mouth.

Lucklily the charity had a good stock of dry goods at they had just boughts some days before and we were one of the first to start providing a life line to our families as well as many more.

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Donate for Healthcare

We give out Soap, Shampoo, Toothpaste, Toothbrush and Mosquito Protection as well as Monthly Pads for the older girls. We are happy for items to be directly donated at the centre, or ordered from our
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Nutrition - Needs ListDonate in kind to provide Food items to the children

Every day we provide a hot lunch for the children who attend the centre. This is veg and non veg, including fish, chicken and eggs. It is a varied menu and usually is based on whatever we have in the house but obviously always includes rice and or chapati's

If you can help then we are happy to receive any of these as donations in kind, although just as happy to have financial donations so we can buy the tiems when required.
*Note : Most items are much cheaper in locally in Goa.  We also know shops that give extra discount.

Donate Blue Pens


Rice is a great way to help and a sack of rice (25kg) is usually good for 2 to 3 weeks and costs around 1000Rs (£10) per sack.

Donate Compas Box

Turdal & Dry Grains

Turdal is what we usually buy but we also use dry peas, channa and other dals.

Donate Pencil Cases

Other Dry goods

Sugar, Garam Masala, Chilli Powder, Black Pepper, Cardomans, Chinamon, Star Anise, Mustard Seeds are used on a daily basis.

Donate Colouring Pencils


Fruit is a great as its easy to give out and a great source of vitamins.

Donate Sketch Pens

Birthday Parties

As we have 100 children we do have our fair share of birthdays, once a month it is nice to give the children a cake/ice cream to celebrate their birthdays

Donate Note Books - Single Line


Having evening chai (tea) is always that much better if you have a few biscuits to dunk. We also give these out directly in the sums when we have extra.

Donate School Bags

Fresh Vegetables

A cuple of times a week we usually go out and buy fresh vegetables, our main requirements are potatoes, onions, tomatoes, french beans, garlic, gineger and peas

Donate Bandages


Each year we have given out 'Diwali/Eid' presents in the form of dry goods and health items. Contact us for more information


Check out our blog for more information on Education Support

We keep a record of all our work through our online blog. It is a great resource to see what has been happening in the lives of the children we help.