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Needs List

Charity - Needs ListDonate in kind to provide items for the children

For those supporters who prefer buying items themselves, here are a few suggestions which are always welcome. There are two main events during the year which really need help from our supporters, they are Christmas, when we need lots of small toys which can be added together as stocking fillers. the second is the new school year when we need a LOT of educational supplies.

Those who are flying can fill in a Luggage application form, and request extra luggage from their travel company/aitline.

Once you have filled out our lugage form with your flight and holiday details, click the SUBIMIT button which will send a request for a letter from us and hopefully one will be sent to you within 15 minutes.

If you don't receive one then please check your junk folder and if nothing has arrived within 12 hours please message us and let us know.

Luggage Application Form

EducationDonate in kind to provide eduational items to the children

As we help 100+ children and young people every year we get through a lot of educational material. Each year we provide all the books and stationary that the children need and schools are very demanding with most children needing around 20 note books each, along with Pens, pencils, compas boxes, paint, sketch pens and more.

If you can help then we are happy to receive any of these as donations in kind, although just as happy to have financial donations so we can buy the tiems when required.
*Note : Most items are much cheaper in locally in Goa.  We also know shops that give extra discount.

Blue Pens

Blue Pens For SchoolWe are always in need of Blue ball point pens for the school children

Compass Box Set

All students above 10 years require a compas box (compas, protractor, triangle etc)

Pencil Cases

Pencil CasesEach year we provide a pencil cases for each child, this year we gave out over 200

Pencil Crayons

Pencil CrayonsSmall packs of Pencil Crayons (12 in a pack) for use at school in Art class

Felt Tips / Sketch pens

Felt TipsFelt Tips / Sketch Pens, small packs (12 in a pack) for use at school in Art class

School Note Books

We need over 1000 single line note books each year! (100 / 200 page)

School Bags

School BagsEach year we give out around 100 new school bags for the children

A4 Paper

We do lots of printing for the chidlren, notes, research, pictures all for school and A4 Paper is always welcome.


HealthDonate in kind to provide health care items to the children

Each month we provide Hygiene items to the children and sort out any issues they maybe having. We are always in need of soap, toothpaste and monthly pads for the older girls. Heres a list of useful items to donate.

Monthly Pads

Monthly PadsThe older girls are always in need of monthly pads to make them feels more comfortable


We buy most of the soap we give out but are always happy to receive it as gifts in kind

Toothpaste & Brushes

Toothpaste & BrushesWe are delighted to receive extra toothpaste which we give out months to 100+ kids

Shampoo & Conditioner

Shampoo & ConditionerThe older girls really benefit from conditioner to help with their really long hair.

Prickly Heat Powder

Prickly Heat PowderMay/June are desperate for Prickly Heat Powder as it can get umbearable at times


FruitWe are happy for visitors to bring and help give it out during their visit (60+ Kids)

Medical Supplies

Medical SuppliesNon Adhesive Pads, Medical Tape, Bandages, Hand Sanitiser etc are always use


If your company is restocking their first aid box then please consider bringing the items to us.


ClothesDonate in kind to provide health care items to the children

Clothes are really useful as the children do get through clothes quite clickly due to their outdoor living and the way the clothes are washed by beating them against a rock and scrubbing down by the local river. If you would like to bring clothes please remember that most of the children are slim so we usually require taller versions of clothes for the age. With the girls it is also important to remember that Indian girls are usually VERY modest and short mini skirts are not really suitable. Long dresses and skirts are ideal, shorts and tshirts for the boys, trousers are also good but narrow waists and long legs preferrable. Children's underwear and Football shirts/shorts are also great things to give.

Indian Clothes

The older girls really appreciate slim fitting Churidar / Punjabi Suits.

Baby Clothes

New/Good quality second hand Baby clothes - There are always lots of babies!

Girls T-Shirts

Girls T-Shirts, preferably long and narrow as they are very slim

Boys T-Shirts

Boys T-Shirts slim fitting as the boys are generally slim

Dresses and Skirts

The girls are much happier in a long skirt or dress, preferably longer than knee length

Football Kits

Both boys and girls requier football shirts and shorts for sports and casual wear

Children's Underwear

Children's UnderwearWe always need new under-wear for kids aged 4 to 16 years of age, boys like boxers and the girls like anything but white!

Bras/Sports Bra

The older girls are growing up and are in need of bras, the children are small and require from 28 to 32 (max) chest size bras.


Nutrition - Needs ListDonate in kind to provide Food items to the children

Every day we provide a hot lunch for the children who attend the centre. This is veg and non veg, including fish, chicken and eggs. It is a varied menu and usually is based on whatever we have in the house but obviously always includes rice and or chapati's

If you can help then we are happy to receive any of these as donations in kind, although just as happy to have financial donations so we can buy the tiems when required.
*Note : Most items are much cheaper in locally in Goa.  We also know shops that give extra discount.

Donate Blue Pens


Rice is a great way to help and a sack of rice (25kg) is usually good for 2 to 3 weeks and costs around 1000Rs (£10) per sack.

Donate Compas Box

Turdal & Dry Grains

Turdal is what we usually buy but we also use dry peas, channa and other dals.

Donate Pencil Cases

Other Dry goods

Sugar, Garam Masala, Chilli Powder, Black Pepper, Cardomans, Chinamon, Star Anise, Mustard Seeds are used on a daily basis.

Donate Colouring Pencils


Fruit is a great as its easy to give out and a great source of vitamins.

Donate Sketch Pens

Birthday Parties

As we have 100 children we do have our fair share of birthdays, once a month it is nice to give the children a cake/ice cream to celebrate their birthdays

Donate Note Books - Single Line


Having evening chai (tea) is always that much better if you have a few biscuits to dunk. We also give these out directly in the sums when we have extra.

Donate School Bags

Fresh Vegetables

A cuple of times a week we usually go out and buy fresh vegetables, our main requirements are potatoes, onions, tomatoes, french beans, garlic, gineger and peas

Donate Bandages


Each year we have given out 'Diwali/Eid' presents in the form of dry goods and health items. Contact us for more information


Presents & GiftsDonate in kind to provide items that can be giv e at Christmas or Birthdays

Presents might not be as important as the other items in this list, but the joy that the children get by a small present is a joy to watch. We usually give out one or two presents a year. Decembr is the main time when we try and pack, wrap and give out as many presents as possible. Each prsent is usually made up of 6 or 7 smaller items and in the past we have provided over 700 wrapped presents. Although this really depends on the amount of small items that are donated. So please, if you can bring a few small items it will make a huge difference!

Tennis Balls

Tennis Balls are always a great stocking filler for both the boys and the girls

Badminton Sets

The children love badminton, tennis and othre games. Often used as Christmas presents

Cricket Bat

As you can imagine cricket bat and balls are highly sort after, seasoned bats are preffered


Balloons & Punch Balloons are the ideal stocking fillers and we are always in need of small items


Footballs are usually used for presents at Christmas, any type are balls are welcome

Bracelets / Bangles

Any craft items for making friendship braclets / bangles will keep the children busy


Bubbles are a great stocking filler and children of any age love them

Costume Jewellery

Costume Jewellery make the girls eyes light up, for the boys watchesers.