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Charity Luggage Application Form For Goa Outreach

If you would like to bring a few items over for the children on your next trip to Goa then we will need you to fill out the simple form below. This is the process for Goa Outreach. If you would like to bring things out for another charity then please contact them directly.

When to Apply?

It is best to apply for the luggage as soon as possible as the airlines do limit the number of applications per flight.

How much can you bring?

It does depend on the airline and the capacity of the flight, the usual amount is 10KG, although some people have had 20KG before, but on the other hand sometimes only 5KG.

Please be aware

The charity allowance is just that, an allowance to bring charity items to a registered charity.
It is also advisable to pack the charity items separately and label them as such.
The allowance is also only valid on the flight to Goa and not the return flight.
We do appreciate the kindness of the airlines to provide this service.

Leave this empty:

Flight And Booking Details

Contact Details

Once you submit the form you should receive a copy of the completed application letter to the email address provided.

If it doesn't arrive within 5 minutes then please check your 'JUNK / SPAM' folder. If you still do not receive it then please contact us.