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Who we are

Goa Outreach (UK)A Project of Joy Home For Children

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Goa Outreach is the working name for "Joy Home For Children", a registered charity with the Charity Commision of England and Wales. The Charity has been supporting the work carried out in Goa for the past 10 years and in India for from its inception in 2009.

The UK charity is the main fund raising entity to support the work we do in India and it provides suport directly for the students in India. Charity No :  1131247

Outreach (INDIA)NGO Working in Goa, INDIA

The Indian registered trust has been set up to include students as trustees to continue empowering them in life and showing the younger students the benefits of working and studying hard. All of our trustees have passed through and excelled with the help of the original UK founding charity.

At its inception all three trustees have completed or are currently completing their Masters level education, two taking commerce streams and one taking science. These are the first students to attempt their masters so it is fitting to found the Indian trust on their success in their education and get ready for the next step in their adult life.

The hope is that more students will join us in the future to make the trust an continually growing and self sustaining entity devoted to helping students from disadvantaged backgrounds reach their full potential and pass on their knowledge to younger students.

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What We Do

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Our main focus is education, although we do help with Heathcare and Nutrition alos by providing meals and dry goods. But this is still just part of thesupport we provide to children and young people in India.

Most of our time is spent being a support system to the students we help, who all come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

This help can be providing edicational support (Buying uniforms, paying school/college fees), to providing tuittion classes. We also provide clothes, presents at Diwali/Eid and Christmas. Take them on trips (when we can afford to do so), feed them and help with medical bills.

When we get enough donations are help spreads to the families and more areas in need. We sometimes get large donations, in the past we have had 1000's of tshirts and footballs donated so we have provide to schools that have a high proportion of needy students. Biscuits have also been distributed to thousands of children in and around are area in primary schools, balwadi's andslum communities.

EducationGetting and Keeping Children in full time education

Education is the main focus and we currently support around 100 full time students ranging from 1st Standard (6 years old) up to and including College Students.

In the last year we have had several young people finish their Masters Degrees, which serves as a great reminder of why the work we do is so important to these students.

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Support by donating books, stationary and money for school fees and uniforms

NutritionProvide the children with good fresh food and ingrediants

Nutrition also pairs well with our healthcare as they go hand in hand, enabling us to provide extra kevek of nutrients and good food to encourage their good health and good life choices.

children who come to the centre are giving a hot meal after school and usually during Diwali we provide large bags of basic dry goods to the families

Fruit Donation for NGO
Give in kind - Fruit, Rice, Dal or donate for other food items.

Health CareKeeping the children healthy and clean

Healthcare is an ongoing process and our work adds up and thankfully, over time reduces the effort required through education and providing requirements so the children can keep themselves healthy and safe.

Accidents do happen and when they do we are here to support them with knowledge, support and help with medical bills.

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Donate in kind with Soap, Toothpaste and Monthly Pads or donate towards medical treatment and prevention.
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Donate For Diwali

Help us celebrate Diwali, we give out dry goods, oil, health care items in an upcycled material bag made from old clothes. Make a difference this Diwali by donating online, or droppig off dry goods at the centre.

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Our main goal is to get and keep children in full time education

And lots more....Helping give children a childhood worth remembering

Wealways want to provide our children we the best possible resources andsupport so that we can encourage them to stand out and become a becon of hope for others in their locality, but we do still have time for fun and for the students to remember they are children and children are supposed to be able to have fun and be treated equally and know their voices are heard.

We support our children in all aspects and whenever possible take them on trips, have access to computers, the internet and meet interesting and diverse people. In the past we have taken part in music videos, performed in carnicals, run marathons and taken part in national sporting events. It is all about living life and knowing what is out there and what is possible if you try and willing to make it happen

We keep a good blog that highlights many of the acticities the children have done over the years, please take some time and read about what we do for the children in India.

Check out our blog for more information on Education Support

We keep a record of all our work through our online blog. It is a great resource to see what has been happening in the lives of the children we help.