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EducationA way out of poverty

Education-School Bag

Education is something every child should have a right to, the laws have changed in India with the introduction of the Right to Education act, although the mentality of many still needs to catch up. Family economics and lack of the parental education often excludes children from this basic right.

We provide a pathway which allows the children we care for into mainstream education and continue to support them by providing incentives and teaching materials as well as all their educational needs (Bags, books, uniforms, stationary, school and college fees).

Further funding will be required for teachers and to continue helping them up to college level but we hope that our support in providing informal lessonsm access to library books, computers and printers will ne helpful and increase their appetite for learning.

As well as normal lessons we also provide extra training in art, craft, sewing, cooking, sports and computer training.

A Way to excellence

Robert the founder of the Goa Outreach project has been helping children for over 20 years and his support has seen the children grow from strength to strength, seeing many children from 1st satard all their way through school and college.

Now in 2023 we are delighted to have had 4 students complete their Masters level education, more than 10 finish their Bachelors level with another 6 currently studying at Bachelor & Masters level.

2023 hs also been the highest number of students going directly into 11th standard (higher secondary/college), with all 14 students passing their SSC (10th Standard - Equivilent to GCSE in the UK) and going into higher education.

Unfotunately all this success in education does put a strain on our finances, but we hope with your support we can continue to help disadvanataged students excel and reach beyond the cycle of powverty that they were born into.

Acchelal, Attention to DetailAccehlal is now Accountant at Double Tree Hilton

Acchelal was our first long time student who completed their Masters Level education. He completed his Commerce course with a final grade “A” which is a long way from when he first joined as he achieved just 57% during his 10th standard. Due to his hard work and support he increase his grades and received Distinctions level grades at both 12th standard and Bachelors level

It has been a pleasure to help Acchelal through the years, he has always worked hard and has also been a great help to the charity providing his time and effort especially during the pandemic when he came to help us provide rations to hundreds of families around Mapusa, collecting and packing huge amounts of Rice, Dal and other dry rations.

He is now part of the 5 star hotel group, "Double Tree Hilton" as a finance associate and also one of the Trustees for the Indian Trust.

Ambrin, Flying HighExcelling in Sports and Accademics

Ambrin has been helped by Robert for nealy all her educational life. She has always been heavily into sports and has supported Goa State in Kabadi and Athletics.

Ambrin completed her Masters in Commerce in 2023 and went straight into a job at the new international airport in Goa where she continues to work

Gunjan, Master of CommerceLike Acchelal she joined late but worked hard to complete her Masters

Gunjanjoined at the end of her school life and needed help with further studies. She grew from strength to strength and finished along with Ambrin in 2023 scoring slightly higher and is now working full time and is also a trustee with the Indian Trust.

A Piece of Art
A piece of Art created for an
Animal Charity in Goa

Papus ExcellencePapu has fantastic art skills

Papu is a fantastic artist always creating stunning drawings and he is also renownd for his "Monster Building" skills during diwali.

Papu also excels at accademics and is currently completing his Masters in Physics. He is modest, hardworking and also one of the Trustees for the Indian Trust.

His next decision is more studies or go out into the world.

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Make a difference today by sponsoring a child's education. Giving them a brighter future to look forward to


Education - Needs ListDonate in kind to provide eduational items to the children

As we help 100+ children and young people every year we get through a lot of educational material. Each year we provide all the books and stationary that the children need and schools are very demanding with most children needing around 20 note books each, along with Pens, pencils, compas boxes, paint, sketch pens and more.

If you can help then we are happy to receive any of these as donations in kind, although just as happy to have financial donations so we can buy the tiems when required.
*Note : Most items are much cheaper in locally in Goa.  We also know shops that give extra discount.

Donate Blue Pens

Blue Pens

Blue Pens For SchoolWe are always in need of Blue ball point pens for the school children

Donate Compas Box

Compass Box Set

All students above 10 years require a compas box (compas, protractor, triangle etc)

Donate Pencil Cases

Pencil Cases

Pencil CasesEach year we provide a pencil cases for each child, this year we gave out over 200

Donate Colouring Pencils

Pencil Crayons

Pencil CrayonsSmall packs of Pencil Crayons (12 in a pack) for use at school in Art class

Donate Sketch Pens

Felt Tips / Sketch pens

Felt TipsFelt Tips / Sketch Pens, small packs (12 in a pack) for use at school in Art class

Donate Note Books - Single Line

School Note Books

We need over 1000 single line note books each year! (100 / 200 page)

Donate School Bags

School Bags

Each year we give out around 100 new school bags for the children

Donate Bandages

A4 Paper

We do lots of printing for the chidlren, notes, research, pictures all for school and A4 Paper is always welcome.

About Us - Education
Our main goal is to get and keep children in full time education

And lots more....Helping give children a childhood worth remembering

Wealways want to provide our children we the best possible resources andsupport so that we can encourage them to stand out and become a becon of hope for others in their locality, but we do still have time for fun and for the students to remember they are children and children are supposed to be able to have fun and be treated equally and know their voices are heard.

We support our children in all aspects and whenever possible take them on trips, have access to computers, the internet and meet interesting and diverse people. In the past we have taken part in music videos, performed in carnicals, run marathons and taken part in national sporting events. It is all about living life and knowing what is out there and what is possible if you try and willing to make it happen

We keep a good blog that highlights many of the acticities the children have done over the years, please take some time and read about what we do for the children in India.

Check out our blog for more information on Education Support

We keep a record of all our work through our online blog. It is a great resource to see what has been happening in the lives of the children we help.