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Goa Outreach is a project  of the registered charity "Joy Home For Children". Its work is based in the small state of Goa, India and currently provides support for around 100 children and young people in fulltime education.

We provide esential help to underpriveledged students so that they can worry about school work rather than worrying about money for their education.

To allow us to continue helping we need constant financial support, our running costs are minimal so that most of the money can go directly to where it is needed.

Paypal Giving Fund

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The paypal giving fund is the best solution for donating as the charity is not charged for donations so 100% of the donation comes straight to us and they also manage gift aid so we also get that extra boost of giftaid (if applicable)

Total Giving

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Toal giving provide a donation service and you can use all debit/credit cards. There is a standard fee of 1.3% + 20p. This is taken out of the donation we receive.


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Go fund me provides a free service to the charity, with an optional 'tip' to support their service.

Support by giving a Monthly Donation
NGO Goa Childrens Charity Home page Support by giving a Monthly Donation


A Great way to help is to set up a regular monthly donation, this gives us a good base to ensure that our work continues and to give us an idea of the funding we have available each year.

To start donating regularly, please download and complete the following form. Once completed, please do email a scanned copy to us so we can contact you to ensure everything is ok before giving the filled form to your bank.

We are happy to receive donations in kind as well as financial donations. To donate directly to our work in India, please use the bank details below, or use the on-line donation option. If you have any queries then do please contact us...

Children often end up working on the streets to support the family income, this is often in the form of Rag Picking where children, usually in small groups, walk around the streets picking up scrap in the form of plastic, cardboard and metal. This is later sold at recycling centres. Other children can be found working the beaches begging, selling trinkets or other small items which they buy for 5rs and try and sell to tourists for a hefty mark-up.

Be a Hero - Donate Directly

If you would like to set up a direct debit or pay directly into the charity account you may use the following details (Goa Outreach is a project of Joy Home For Children). If you decide to donate this way we would appreciate a note about the donation so that we can have all the information for our yearly audit.

Account Name   : Joy Home For Children
Account Number : 28077468
Bank Sort Code : 30-98-62
Bank Name      : Lloyds Bank
IBAN           : GB62LOYD30986228077468
BIC / SWIFT    : LOYDGB21411

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Sponsor a Child Today

Make a difference today by sponsoring a child's education. Giving them a brighter future to look forward to


Needs List & Airline Luggage Form

For those supporters who prefer buying items themselves, here are a few suggestions which are always welcome. There are two main events during the year which really need help from our supporters, they are Christmas, when we need lots of small toys which can be added together as stocking fillers. the second is the new school year when we need a LOT of educational supplies.


How people have donated in the past

There are lots of ways you can donate towards the work we do in India. Money is obviously a great help but we are also happy for goods in kind. We get through a LOT of notebooks, Soap, Toothpaste and monthly pads every month. Here are some other ways people have donated in the past.