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The Spotlight Monologues - Outreach Poem | Thanks to Nico for solar lights and penguins | What do these two groups have in common?

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The Spotlight Monologues - Outreach Poem, Mapusa, Goa

The Spotlight Monologues - Poem
The Spotlight Monologues - Poem

Last night it was a pleasure to be part of "The Spotlight Monologues" at the Museum of Goa, here is a photo just before the show of our upcoming star with the wonderful @kalkikanmani.

Our star read a poem that the children created in a workshop with Ratnabali Bhattacharjee. The monologue/poem was made using the American poet Joseph Fasano´s poetry prompts. The Enlish version of the poem is below... (Although it was read out in Hindi at the show)

This is what I wanted: to be successful
Why was I quiet for so long in the past years?
I like you, goals
I like you, freedom
I like you, peace
Darkness, you do not scare me.
Tonight, I will sleep in the dark
But I will wake again shining in the sunshine
I will wake again shining in the sunshine.
Let the darkness be scared
Let the unlucky times be lucky
Let every talent inside me find its way towards the world.
I have a story I have never told
Once, when I was a child
I looked up at the sky and saw the falling star
And knew I was a Soul Curry made of feelings
I am still a Soul Curry made of feelings.

Thank you to everyone involved, for all the hard work and beautiful performances. And for making us so welcome.


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Thanks to Nico for solar lights and penguins, Mapusa, Goa

We were delighted when we received a bag full of donations (Solar lights and home made penguins) from Nico who was on holiday in Goa.

We enjoyed giving them out to the young children and their families in the slums near us. Here are a few photos which we took while giving them out.

A Mother And Child In Slum
Child Waving
Family Group
Girl Holding Solar Torch
Mother And Child
Mother In Slum
Smiling Girl
Smiling Young Boy
Sorting Scrap
Young Girl With Donations
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What do these two groups have in common?, Mapusa, Goa

Rise For Freedom
Rise For Freedom

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