Holi Celebrations


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Happy Holi

, Mapusa, Goa

Sadly the state government announced on Friday that outdoor celebrations of Holi (and other celebrations) will not be permitted in public places.

Holi has always been great fun and one of the most memorable celebrations in India, especially with our fantastic children.

We usually take a large sack of color to give out, but due to the notice, we did not celebrate as a charity.

Robert did go down to meet the children with our new Indian volunteer and still had a little colour shared between friends but it was a far cry from the previous years.

Here are some photos of LAST YEARS celebrations as I think we all need a little bit of colour in our lives at the moment!

Big Smile
Blue Pink Cheeks
Bright Green Hair
Handful Of Colour
Holi Powder
Red Face
Sibling Smiles
Three Kids

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