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A Helping Hand

, Mapusa, Goa
Living With Abuse
Living With Abuse

Even though we are a childrens charity, our work rarely stops there. We help old siblings, often with clothes as well as their parents. During Diwali / Eid we help the whole family by providing food items for them which helps them celebrate. Sometimes however the help is more defined and more impactful when received. We were approached by one of the mothers of the children we help for a helping hand. She had come to the centre on morning and care through the door in tears. She explained to us that her husband had beaten her for most of her married life and it has not gotten easier. She was scared but at the point in her life where something needed to change.

After a long conversation, a call to the police helpline and a visit by a kind hearted policeman (and a few stern words) life has turned around, for the time being at least, It is always complicated when it comes to married life, but we were able to get her the help she needed and it was a delighted to see her a few weeks later as she came to the centre again with a smile on her face and praise for the little help we gave.

Thank you so much for the mother coming to us, this must have been a hard step to ask for help, thank you to the women’s helpline (ok, the actual helpline number wasn’t working so we had to find a direct number for one of the staff) and the police who came to support this mother in their time of need.

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