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Covid 19 Heat Map August 2020 | Save Mollem ? Recording Session | Artistic Talent | Covid Report by Lila | Goa Outreach - An Insight into our work | August Coviv-19 Map (Updated Daily)

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Covid 19 Heat Map August 2020, Mapusa, Goa

Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Heat map for August
Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Heat map for August

Here is a Covid-19 heat map for Goa, India (A heatmap is a graphical representation of data that uses a system of color- coding to represent different values.) to show the active cases of Covid-19 from the govt health centers in Goa.

It also includes totals at the bottom which put some of the figures into context. If you find this useful then please share it. Please use this for information only and to confirm any values please check with the govt press releases.

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Save Mollem ? Recording Session, Mapusa, Goa

Save Mollem from destruction
Save Mollem from destruction

Today two of the girls were doing voice overs for a Save Mollem Campaign in Konkani. Thank you to Tyra the sound engineer, Ishita for helping out and translating and of cause our two girls for doing the voice over

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Artistic Talent, Mapusa, Goa

Here are some fabulous pictures created by one of our older students, due to the lock down he has been able to concentrate a bit more on them. I was amazed, I love art, but sadly don't have the ability. I just wish I could create artwork like this.

A Baby Face
Baby Hands
Dr Abdul Kalam
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Covid Report by Lila, Mapusa, Goa

Calangute Residency COVID-19 centre
Calangute Residency COVID-19 centre

I would like to share with you an UPDATE of the CORVID 19 SITUATION in MAPUSA, specifically in the slum area of KARASWADA, where the Goa Outreach charity works. I have helped the children from the area for the last 2 years, and the charity helps over 150 slum kids by providing for their education, basic needs, as well as medical and dental care.

So far 4 of our children have tested positive and were sent with their relatives that had also tested positive to different facilities for around a couple of weeks. Then, when the virus had worked itself out, returned home.

Research says that children are the least affected by the virus and have generally only slight symptoms, although the youngest case in Goa was a 14 year old girl who died due to the virus last week. To begin with we were not sure if our kids would be more affected in comparison to other kids because of their malnutrition but so far they only showed slight symptoms, their immune system proving to be strong.

They are survivors! :)

Once the patients returned home the panic came down although there is still fear of being stigmatised by the neighbours so people are trying to hide if they have tested positive. As far as we are aware no one has died in our locality and most seem to have only light symptoms.

However, everyone, is very concerned about their beloved elderly parents and grandparents at home and fears to bring the virus home and cause them to die.

This is the MAIN WORRY everyone has.

One of our older kids (graduated ex-student), tested positive 2 days ago, was send to Calangute, where he is on his own.I went yesterday to the Covid19 facility (wearing the proper N95 mask and all) to drop off supplies for him, a plate, cup, spoon, fruits, N95 mask (for when he returns to the slums), sanitizer and lots of sweet goodies to keep him happy :)

The facility is based in the Calangute Residency, a big resort by the beach, which has been transformed into a Corvid facility and hosts 95 people, 2 people per room, hotel style.

Outside the reception building is a big table where one can place the supply bag and it is then delivered to the room number you tell them.

No one is allowed inside and I couldn't see our boy, not even at a distance or at a window.

When he received the package, he sent me a picture to be sure all things had been handed over to him.

His symptoms are stomach ache and back pain and his 35 year old room mate has a slight cold.

So all is good there. He will hopefully return home next week.

Other facilities around Mapusa are less posh but everyone is taken care off by the Goan government. The stay is free of cost and includes basic meals and medicine.

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Goa Outreach - An Insight into our work, Mapusa, Goa

Goa Children's Charity helping slum and street children
Goa Children's Charity helping slum and street children

Here is a little video that Emily very kindly put together for us when she came to visit us last year and just before for the lockdown this year.

As you might have guessed as we are in the middle of the Pandemic here in Goa this is sadly not the current situation. We are waiting for schools to reopen so we can give this years bags and uniforms out.

In a stark contrast, just yesterday one area where many of the children live was made into a containment zone, with the roads leading to it blocked by trees and police roadblocks.

We thank all of our children and parents for their help in creating this small video and hope everyone makes it through this very tough time.

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August Coviv-19 Map (Updated Daily), Mapusa, Goa

I hope to update this map everyday
I hope to update this map everyday

To give people an overview we have created a Map to show the 'hot spots' of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Goa. These are the current active cases which are provided by the local govt as a press release each day. I hope you find the map useful and please do share it with all those who call goa their home. (spiritual or physical). :)

Goa Covid Active Cases August