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Christmas Party | Christmas Eve Party for younger Kids | Stitching Pillow Cases | Christmas is coming...

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Christmas Party, Mapusa, Goa

Christmas morning saw the start of our second Christmas party (we are having four this year so we can celebrate with all the kids!). The children aged 11, 12 and 13 joined us for a fun packed morning starting off with some face painting by Ludmilla and then games, a fashion parade (pairing up some of the boys and girls) and of course food and their presents from Santa. Those who saw the previous days pictures might realise that Santa has gone a few shades dark and a few pounds lighter from yesterday Thank you to everyone who helped out and joined in

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Christmas Eve Party for younger Kids, Mapusa, Goa

Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!

Our 1st Christmas Party (for the younger children) was today, Christmas Eve.

42 Children were invited for the celebrations and nearly everything went to plan. (we did lose a few Christmas Presents, but found them at the end We gave out 282 presents today and have three more parties planned so that all the children can celebrate in style this year.

Sadly my camera's battery died during the present giving out, If there are some good ones on my phone I will post later.... (Fingers Crossed) - Here are the ones we captured during this, our Christmas (eve) Party.

Merry Christmas to everyone and thank you to all those who lent a hand today to make the children's faces light up with joy.

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Stitching Pillow Cases, Mapusa, Goa

Pillow Cases Stitched and given out
Pillow Cases Stitched and given out

Last month we were given around 25 old pillows that had been used in hotels and guest houses, they were a little sad and the covers needed replacing but we were happy to receive them as pillows are quite a luxery in the slums.

Yallama and Amina took to removing the old stained covers and replaced them with clean (also donated) bed sheet material and made them all white again, finally we wrapped each one in a pillowcase before handing them out to the new admissions from this year.

Thank you to Sarah and Steve for donating the pillows, bedsheets and pillow cases.

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Christmas is coming... , Mapusa, Goa

Christmas Is Coming
Christmas Is Coming

We have started wrapping presents and have wrapped around 450 presents so far. Lots more presents are needed. We needed to sort them out so most of this morning we were doing Santa things 'He's making a list, And checking it twice - to be honest, I have checked it about 10 times at the moment I think!!!

If anyone has any nice small items that can be used as stocking fillers then do please get in touch.

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