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Dentist And Root Canal, Mapusa, Goa, India

Geeta sat in the dentists chair having the dreaded root canal treatment
Geeta sat in the dentists chair having the dreaded root canal treatment

I seem to have spent quite a bit of time at the dentist and recently have been taking one of the older girls who needed a few fillings and a root canal procedure. I have had a root canal before and I have to say it wasn't that bad, but I had forgotten how time consuming it is.

I took Geeta on the first day and she was a little apprehensive, although our dentist, the lovely Sindhiya is really quite good with the children and made Geeta feel at ease straight away.

After a quick look around it was decided to take a couple of x- rays, of both sides of Geeta's mouth and had expected that two root canals were needed, but, thankfully one side would just manage with a large filling but the second side needed the full on treatment. The first sitting took a good hour of carefully removing the decayed enamel.

After the first session was completed Geeta had a couple of temporary fillings. An appointment for a later date was made which would give the tooth a time to rest and see if Geeta was still getting pain. Geeta was provided with some tablets to ease her discomfort.

On returning the second week the cavity was cleaned out and the nerves removed. It was amazing to see the Sindhiyas' patience; I was just glad that it wasn't my job. Another two sessions went by and we were near the end. The final session took yet another hour and it was great to have the tooth finally filled with a permanent filling and the rest of her teeth given a good clean for a new bright smile.

Sindhiya over the weeks was quite intrigued about the charity work and kept enquiring how we managed for support. As well as giving a discount on the treatment she kindly gave two large bags of clothes for the children. There were lots of beautiful churidah outfits for the older girls and shirts and trousers for the boys as well as a good selection of clothes for the babies.

Over the next few days as children visited I gave out the items as fairly as possible. and it's great to hear the children go 'WOW' when they see something that catches their eye. I huge thank you to the lovely dentist, Sindhiya who showed such kindness and warmth towards the children.

*Names Changed for Child Protection Reasons.

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The Education Department, Mapusa, Goa, India

Couple of the new children with their uniforms kindly donated by the Education Department
Couple of the new children with their uniforms kindly donated by the Education Department

During the last week it was necessary to visit the Education Department in Mapusa to ask about special schools as one of the young boys we are helping is deaf. Having this disability, the local schools will not admit him and he is required to attend a 'special school'. We asked about if this was a rule and it seems so, although they did inform us that if he was fitted with a hearing aid, then he would be able to go into mainstream schools, which would be ideal as then he could continue in the same school as his siblings.

A quick question : Does anyone have any knowledge/experience with hearing aids/doctors here in Goa. This is something we have never had to deal with so any information would be gratefully received. Just send us a message through the contact us form.

The 4 new school children didn't have school uniforms yet, so Robert asked if the Education Office knew anywhere in Mapusa that supplied them, sadly they didn't, but they very kindly offered us a few sets of uniforms that they still had in stock after distribution earlier in 2014. A couple of very kind gentlemen ( David Noronha and Mahadev Andulkar *I hope I have spelt your names correctly) took Robert down to their stores where they managed to find just enough spare uniforms which they handed over to Robert.

Robert drove directly to the school and met with the children's class teacher who kindly allowed Robert to hand out the uniforms. A couple more children in the same class also didn't have uniforms so the extra sets were given to them also.

A huge thank you goes to the Education Department in Mapusa for their help and especially David and Mahadev for going out of their way to help a few more children stay in School.

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Christmas Party Photos, Mapusa, Goa, India

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